A she-cat with brown spotted paws, white coat with blue eyes, she has one torn ear. Her mate is Birdeye, her daughter is Mistypebble, and her son is Thorntail.

Spottedfoot was once at a gathering, attending as a 'paw for the second time. Spottedfoot saw no interest in the leaders reports, so she suck to the back with the medice cats to talk about herbs. But Spottedfoot saw no fun out of medicine cats, she only went to talk because her mate (Breezeclan medicine cat) Windwing, was a medicine cat. They had no kits because they knew it was wrong. But they snuck out from time to time, until they were almost caught. They both realized that they would be hurt if they were caught and parted ways. Spottedfoot was sad, but understood. She soon took interest into Birdeye. Birdeye was her new mate and she new that her love for Windwing was finally tamed. She still talkes to him from time to time but they keep their heads low while they talk, fearing that some cat will remember their voices and pieced it all together.