Snowclan is a happy and loyal clan. They love to play in the snow. They have thick pelts to conceal themselves in the snow, and to keep warm. It snows a lot seasonally and heavily where they live. They live by: Butterflyclan, Sunclan, and Breezeclan.



  • Hazelstar- A brown tabby she-cat with a white underbelly, chest and muzzle. Roleplayed by: Mistypebble


  • Bluesky- A nice, energetic cat, and has a metallic-bluish pelt, and has white hind paws with amber eyes Rolelplayed by: Bluestar4oakheart

Medicine CatEdit

  • Berrytail- A white she-cat with gray flecks. Green eyes.


  • Appletail - A light brown tabby she-cat with a dark ginger tail. Roleplayed by: Rainfacestar
  • Tornfur- A gray tom with wounds all over his fur. Dark green eyes.
  • Stripedpool- A light brown she-cat with darker brown stripes. Has white toes. Dark blue eyes.
  • Cloudstripe- A black tom with a white stripe. One green eyes and the other blue
  • Greeneyes- A white and black she-cat with dark green eyes.
  • Moonfeather- A greyish whitish she-cat with amber eyes.
  • Blackfur- A black tom with blue eyes.


  • Skypaw- A white tom with green eyes.
  • Rosepaw- A back she-cat with green stunning eyes.
  • Fastpaw- A orange tom with blue eyes.


You can roleplay on chat if an admin says it's alright.