Rain 2

Rainclan is fun and happy. They are always ready to fight whatever is coming. They never give up or back down. They have long pelts built for heavy rain. They live at the edge of the rain forest where it rains heavily. Rainclan lives by: MountainClan, Waterclan, and FogClan. The other clans don't live in the forest but they live close together. The deputy is Rainfall.



  • Silverstar- a silver grey she cat with beautiful blue eyes


Medicine CatEdit

  • None


  • Rainbreeze- long legged, pale, blue grey she cat with deep copper eyes, and silver legs. RP by: Stoneclaw33
  • Canyonwind- broad chested tabby she-cat with a dark brown pelt with cream stripes and deep green eyes. RP by: Darktail432
  • Fireflower- a fiery, long legged, slender, long-haired she-cat with a fire flamed coat and striking sky blue eyes RP by: DreamPetal1322
  • Flamefur- An orange she-cat with dark green eyes.
  • Featherflight- A black she-cat with dark green eyes.
  • Fastrunner- A gray tom with dark green eyes.
  • Blossomlight- a pretty dappled, tortoises-shell she-cat with blue eyes. Rpd by: Leafwing



You can rolplay on chat if an admin says it's alright to.