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Leader: Cheshirestar

Deputy: Stoneclaw

Medicine Cat: None

Senior Warriors: Leopardpath


Apprentices: Dreampaw

Kits: Leafkit, Pufflekit, Mistkit, Hawkkit, .Skykit., Silverkit, Wildkit, Twilightkit, Swallowkit, Pinkiekit, Arrowkit, Acornkit, Flamekit, Poolkit, Fernkit

Elders(inactive members): Rainfacestar & Firestream12,

Honorable Members (Inactive, once great contributive members): Falling Rain, Rainfacestar, Fallowpounce

NOTE: All new members will automatically become a Kit. To become an Apprentice you need to be a member of this Wiki for three weeks and have at least 50 CONTRIBUTIVE edits, to be a Warrior you need to be a member for eight weeks and have at least 200 CONTRIBUTIVE edits, to be a Senior Warrior you need to be a member for 12 weeks and more then CONTRIBUTIVE 300 edits. If become inactive for over 3 weeks you automatically become an Elder. To be an Medicine Cat you need to have be for over 12 weeks and have 500 edits. Kits and apprentices should sign up on Project Adopt a User as an apprentice searching for a mentor, to help understand the wiki better before editing and such. If you have any questions or concerns please contact either Stoneclaw33 or Spottedleaf123

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