Adopt A User

Welcome to Project:Adopt a User! This program committed to helping new users and applying them with an available mentor. Need help? Seek a apprentice request. Want to share your wiki skills with an apprentice? Become a mentor! To request apprenticeship or mentorship, leave a message on the Talk Page.

Members List Edit

Leader: Falling Rain

Warriors/Mentors: Fallowpounce


Graduated Apprentices: None

Mentor Requirements Edit

Following contributor consensus, mentors must fill the following requirements:

  • Must have been a member of the site for at least 3 months.
  • Must have at least 300 total edits and at least 50% of their added up edit percentages must be in contributive namespaces.
  • Note: Contributive namespaces are: Main, Talk, Warriors Share Wiki, and Warriors Wiki Share talk. One can check their edits in Special:Editcount for their percentages.
  • Must know how the wiki functions in general (enough to answer pretty much any questions an apprentice would have) and be competent in wiki rules.
  • Must be mature, possess common sense, and be patient enough to handle an apprentice.
  • Must be approved by Rain Fall (to ensure their maturity and that their edits have been contributive).

Table Edit

Rain Fall Blackfur890
MoonstrikeXBreezefeather Blackfur and Oakclaw
Dappleheart Atelda