Lavenderpool was a medicine cat many, many years ago. She was one of the very, very first Windclan medicine cats. She was the one who discovered that Deathberries were, well, deathly. She is a swift, kindhearted, gentle she-cat. But she was also a very stubborn and always shared her opinions, that were sometimes against the warrior code. She was very protective of kits. Seeing a kit was the the light of her life. She said kits are the single most strongest force alive and we need to protect their innocent. More than once she helped queens of another clan deliver their kits. Maybe she loved kits so much because she was never allowed to have kits of her own. But she never showed any jealousy or resentment to the queens for being so lucky. She lived a long life but died rescuing a ThunderClan kit, with a shining blue coat, from drowning in the river.