Foxstar is MountainClan's noble and wise leader. Foxstar is a tom with a dark red pelt with white stripes and dark blue eyes.

Foxstar was born a kittypet abandoned by his twolegs who lacked the food and water to keep him healthy and well fed. So they abandoned him on a abandoned twoleg path where Firestream found him while out looking for herbs for Cloudnose. Then Firestream took him into MountainClan where he could raise him as her own Lionstar (leader at the time) allowed him to be trained to be a warrior. Foxstar (recently named Foxkit) always stayed in the nursery playing with Leopardkit, Creekkit, and Snowkit. He was shy to leave the nursery he thought the Clan wouldn't like him since he wasn't clan born. By the time it was time for her apprentice ceremony he was renamed Foxpaw and was apprenticed to Graystream. Sooner or later became a warrior named Foxheart. When Firestream retired to the elder's den, he was named deputy of MountainClan. Lionstar on his last life died in a battle against GazeClan which left FoxSTAR leader of MountainClan.