Fernwind is a dark brown she-cat with a white belly, paws, and tail tip. One of her legs is crippled. She is the former medicine cat of DuskClan.



Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Sisters: Skydawn (Deceased, Verified Starclan Member)(Roleplayed by Fallowpounce), Mintleaf (rolplayed by Leopardpath)


Fernwind is uncomfirmed at first as Mintleaf and Skydawn(originally Skymoon)'s sister, but in later roleplay she is comfirmed as their sister. She had had an argument with Mintleaf and run to the cliff. Mintleaf calls her and she stops, but she slips and falls, thus crippling her leg. She later recovered, but her leg never did. She had mentored Sedgepaw, but she was later killed by a rogue. Her second apprentice, Cloudpaw, was killed in a battle with LightClan. Her thrid apprentice, Swiftpool, secretly had a mate and was expecting his kits. Fernwind soon found out and was furious. She ran off and started sleeping on her favorite sunning place. However, while she slept, a snake bit her shoulder and wouldn't let go. Swiftpool and Swallowfeather managed to pull the snake off, but Fernwind was already dying from the poison. Swiftpool tried to save her and expel the poison from Fernwind's system, but it was too late. Fernwind died that day, and the Clan sat vigil for her. However, when Swiftpool was kitting her secret mate's kits, it is thought that Fernwind reincarnated as Berrykit, from her hauntingly familiar features.