Dovemist is a gray she-cat with black flecks and a patch of silver fur running from her muzzle to her belly. Her paws are silver as well.


Mother: Silverfoot (Uncomfirmed in roleplay)

Father: Stormpelt (Uncomfirmed in roleplay)

Mate: Shadowstar (formerly)

Daughters: Mistkit (Uncomfirmed in roleplay), Unnamed she-kit (uncomfirmed in roleplay)

Sons: Two unnamed toms(uncomfirmed in roleplay)


Dovemist was first seen in roleplay as a warrior. She and Shadowstar become mates soon after he explains to Icesky he chooses Dovemist as his mate. Dovemist is expecting his kits, but unfortunately catches a horrible case of greencough. A moon later, four kits are born. However, Dovemist has failed to recover from greencough due to former medicine cat's Waterwing's news that the catmint patch had been trampled by hostile rogues. Three ktis have caught her greencough as well, and a few days later Dovemist and three of her kits die. Her only survivng kit, Mistkit, has not yet been introduced in roleplay.