Cloudnose is a she-cat with gray fur & white spots with yellow eyes.

Cloudnose was born in leaf bare, that was a bad time for MountainClan... Prey was scarce half the Clan had whitecough. MountainClan was weak. Then an unexpecting attack by GazeClan left MountainClaw wounded, so Cloudkit had no choice but to take charge. She's been watching Leaftail and she knows most of the herbs so she ran to Leaftail's den and grabbed some cobwebs to stop the bleeding. Then took some comfrey chewed it into a pulp and made a poultice. After a long night Cloudkit and Leaftail were done treating MountainClan's wounded, Cloudkit was apprenticed to Leaftail where Leaftail taught her everything she knew about herbs and battle stratagies. When she was ready she was renamed Cloudnose. Soon Leaftail died by a twoleg monster which left Cloudnose medicine cat of MountainClan.